flat field
berlin, germany. 2006/2007

stills from flat field, berlin 2006/7

the production of images made spectacle.

transformation of oneself into simulacra.

constructed spectatorship. performance of gender...

stills from flat field, berlin 2006/
still from flat field, berlin 2006/7

besides, it had become clear that watching people watching was arguably more interesting than watching people performing - and it was certainly more interesting than performing, oneself. the possibility of inhabiting a strange margin had opened - and it was time to jump in. the event was made for being photographed -or- the event was made for making photographs, but there was the clear intention to divide active performance and active and passive spectatorships - and along expected lines. by turning ourselves into active spectators and by turning passive spectators into active performers, we force a reorganization of expected and accepted social divisions.

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