yes, object: the bathing suit mask
yes, action
berlin, germany. may 2006.

The space is a mix of swirling bodies, staring eyes and spinning wheels. A single tiny entity stands still amongst all the chaos. It pulses with a disproportionately infinite, barely contained force. This is the urban model, and it is time for her to make a decision.

A bridge between two fixed points, she is stretched tightly across a void, a gap in her own individual course. The eyes hit her like so many question marks. Only two answers are possible: Yes and No. At one end of her span, she leaves everything behind, to which she must say No. And she reaches definitively towards that to which she can say Yes.

graphic tension oneyes, action: surveillance shot
An exhibition in three parts:

1. Object // in which an installation of tightly stretched bathing suits is constructed

2. Video // in which the tension is released, and the objects are animated

3. Action // in which a woman, wearing only the bathing suit mask sits in the gallery, located in a busy bar and shopping district, and records her observers

--- ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies ---

They sang this song as children, repeating the line at every opportunity.
Although it was known in the first person, they understood it always in the second.

They learned to keep their ears open but mouths closed.
They learned to question through action.

They turned into filters / processors /computers/ for chaotic input and targeted output
an army in their bathing suits and cut-off shorts,
they avoided the streets,
following an intricate network of well-known shortcuts.

They wore the grass bare, tearing through on ten-speeds
delicate machines brutally misused
but serving a purpose - as they understood it then,
something greater than the material good.

Things like cost and quality had no meaning : objects were either useful or useless.

The enemy wanted to superimpose systematic understanding
and structured behaviors on their existence.

They simply lived and breathed, gasping for air / knowing no acceleration,
just one single speed : fast - the blind trajectory into nothingness.

They flew while the others burned.


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