liberty international
liberty international airport: newark, usa. march 2003.
liberty international exhibited at orange, indianapolis 2003

Popular uprising - fierce encounter - Thank you for your understanding - What may be the largest ground battle of the war - Medina division - Rules of engagement - They fly they die - As always we appreciate your insight and analysis - Please dial extension - Doorstep of Baghdad - Bank of America: higher standards - Iraqis suffered at least three hundred casualties - Last and final boarding call - General Direction of North - More than significant - Flight number eight-six-two - Has just taken three Prisoners of War - Passengers traveling to Baltimore - Taken plenty of small arms fire - seventh Cavalry - Desert Rats - one hundred first airborne division - Chit Chat - There's still fighting going on - Those people will revolt - Secured more of the area - Please Proceed to - Baggage Removal - Seat loss - When you need to know - you've got mail - Gate marked - Immediate Boarding - One thousand twenty-five free hours - Is there a sense of confident - accomplishment - Decapitation Strike - Dismemberment Strategy - We're five days into this - Those arteries are going to be cut off - Understand that we are proceeding with conscience and prudence - War involves brutal force - They will be very proud - The American people are now seeing it - Victory - General boarding announcement - We began this day talking about sandstorms - Por Favor - Heavy attacks - Where do you think we go from here? - Working out the issues - Para-military operations - Next Phase - Don't expect everybody to just rush into Baghdad - I think you're going to see Basra fall - Here is a look at where the war stands - Captured a top official - This is not a good time to cut taxes - continuing coverage

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