video club 1115 berlin: the morning after, may 2008
video club 1115 berlin: the morning after, may 2008

video club is a series of late-night video viewing events in which artistic videos are shown in a relaxed, intimate situation not defined by the conditions of cinemas, galleries or pedagogical undertakings. a number of screens and projectors are arranged in space, such as to provoke coincidences and audio-visual correspondences. it can be said that at video club, there is no front and no back, just many good views. while the program is carefully selected and staged, visitors create their own experience in the end. by defining a new viewing situation, we intend to provide the basis for new modes of discourse, form, collaboration and interpretation.

programs consist of videos submitted by video/film-makers, curators and collectors. these might be works of their own creation or works from their personal collection. additional, complimentary works are retrieved from internet archives.

so, video club is also a testing ground, an open platform for video/film-makers to try out new techniques and formats, to see their work in context with other contemporary and historical works and to discuss their practice amongst one another and with viewers, curators, writers etc...

video club 1115 occurred in winter/spring 2008 on a regular basis in an apartment overlooking alexanderplatz in berlin. in the fall of 2008 and winter 2009, a series of nomadic video club events were held in belgrade and stockholm.

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